Fatkini inspiration post!

Last summer I got my first bikini. I think the last time I wore one I was probably a baby haha.

Well I got a couple tops, but one was a real find! It was my bra size with underwire and the straps were supportive and criss crossed, so there wasn’t the strain on my neck that’s caused by halter tops. I was excited!

My mom has always been uh. Concerned about my weight. And her own. She has a lot of self esteem issues. And she puts them into me, which makes being body positive a little harder. So when she basically allowed me to wear a bikini ( with a skirt of course because apparently my thighs arent allowed to see the light of day) I was ecstatic.

So I wore it! At first around my family, but then I took it to senior week with me. I was gonna wear it in front of my friends and the whole beach! And I did…well okay our section of the beach was pretty empty. But I was pretty proud.

But then the scopes guy came- you know the hot guy that runs along the beach and offers to take expensive photos of people- and my friend and I were in the ocean. She got out but….I didn’t. I didn’t have the confidence to get out in my bikini and have high quality pictures taken of my rolls and fluffy tummy.

I still kind of hate myself for that! But I’m stronger this year! And I might be getting a job as a day camp counseler which involves swimming and I’m wearing my bikini with pride! And if little kids ask why or make fun of me I will tell them that people come in all shapes and sizes.

Also I might smack them.