My mom told me to pull up my pants.
This is my response.

arm flab, bat wings, bingo wings, whatever you want to call them

these are my arms

they’re covered in tiny shiny stretch marks

my right arm creases, but the left doesnt.

they are fucking fantastic

i try to love them the best i can, every day.

wow have you ever been in the arm flab tag??? it’ is NOTHING but hate of self and others.

i have a plan..

let’s take over the arm flab tag with positivity!!!

i’ll snap some pics and make a photo set, maybe you’ll find the courage to do the same!

i think my arms are getting bigger and i hope it’s from muscle but it also could be fat, which is okay too.

my arms are something i’m always insecure about, so i’m sending them my extra love today <3

im a fat babe and there’s nothing you can do about it

kisses for all my sweet followers!!!

sorry for being a douche wagon, lovely followers! 

i’ve been mad busy, I’m working at a day camp being fat and fabulous and whatnot.

unfortunately, i have no friends here/any occasion to wear cute things.

which is why i have been MIA.

but I’m still here i’m alive!!!




Fatkini in the Keys!

(Not for porn blogs)



mad confidence envyyyy
i wish i could let all my tummy hang out like that but my mom wouldn’t let me.

I don't want to over step my bounds here but do you mind when us regular blogs reblog you? Like if we really like your outfit or your message or if you're just really rocking the style?

of course not! that’s what I’m here for!

Basically, if you’re reblogging or following me for masturbation material then you’re out.

but of course yes please reblog me if you like my outfit or message or style!!!

im sorry if i come off as scary sometimes.

this blog is for self love, body acceptance, and sweet fashions! so if you’re into that, then reblog away!

when you feel bad about yourself

take cute selies