--> lump off! lump off!


We don’t sit around eating donuts and pizza 24/7. And honestly, I don’t even know someone who does… ever. IN FACT, we eat just like normal people *GASP* Yes, that’s right. We all have different daily diets and like different things. Sometimes a fat person eats a cheeseburger and sometimes a fat…

It really sucks when you want to date someone who also wants to date you but they can’t because they are afraid of their exes.

Fuck manipulative people ughhhh

mythickisbeautiful asked: love the tights, but you should raise the shirt to let the phatty show

um, ew

you can go away now

for like,


yeah forever

buh bye.

Pretty babies I know I’ve been neglecting you but once it gets warmer I’ll be debuting some really cute outfits!