--> lump off! lump off!


We don’t sit around eating donuts and pizza 24/7. And honestly, I don’t even know someone who does… ever. IN FACT, we eat just like normal people *GASP* Yes, that’s right. We all have different daily diets and like different things. Sometimes a fat person eats a cheeseburger and sometimes a fat…

It really sucks when you want to date someone who also wants to date you but they can’t because they are afraid of their exes.

Fuck manipulative people ughhhh

mythickisbeautiful asked: love the tights, but you should raise the shirt to let the phatty show

um, ew

you can go away now

for like,


yeah forever

buh bye.

Pretty babies I know I’ve been neglecting you but once it gets warmer I’ll be debuting some really cute outfits!

Kind of feeling down on my body recently.
Looking for bathing suits always gets me down because the cute ones never fit. The top isn’t made to support my tits. And the bottoms can’t handle all of my ass meat.
But they are really freakin cute and idk I beat myself up because it’s basically like the world is telling me my body isn’t worthy of wearing them.
But I know that’s not true.